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Thoroughbred Barley Variety Description
U. S. Protected Variety
Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed
Thoroughbred is a high yielding, full season, awned, six-row hulled winter feed barley having very good straw strength, high test weight and bright plump seed.  On average, head emergence of Thoroughbred is 2 days later than Wysor, 4 days later than Nomini and Price, and 6 days later than Callao.  Average plant height is 3 - 4 inches taller than Callao and Price, and 3 - 4 inches shorter than Wysor and Nomini.  Straw strength is similar to those of Price and Nomini, and better than those of Wysor and Callao. As a feed grain and rotational crop, Thoroughbred is superior to Nomini and Callao.  Thoroughbred is highly susceptible to powdery mildew and needs scouting for possible fungicide application.  It is moderately susceptible to leaf rust and net blotch.  
County                         Name, City                                           Telephone #      Class
Essex                           Hundley Seed Company, Champlain        804-443-8206    R   C
Pennsylvania (State of)  Mid-Atlantic Seeds, Inc., York, PA           800-854-6251    R   C
Pittsylvania                   Hill View Farms, Inc., Danville                434-770-9311    R   C
Westmoreland               VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly   804-472-3500     F
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