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Small Grain Standards

Seed Certification
1.     General standards.
The general standards as adopted in the front of this publication are basic and applies to small grain.
2.     Land requirements.
A crop of small grain will not be eligible for certification if planted on land on which a small grain crop was grown the year previous except a crop of the same variety grown from certified seed.
In fields double-cropped, neither of the two crops grown in the previous calendar year shall have been the same kind as the crop being inspected, unless they were grown from a class of certified seed of the same variety.
3.     Field standards.
a.     Field Inspection - At least one field inspection shall be made after the crop is fully headed when varietal or crop mixtures can best be determined.
b.      Isolation -
(1)     Wheat, Oats, Barley, Triticale - A field shall be separated by a strip of ground adequate to prevent mechanical mixtures. The strip may be either mowed, uncropped or planted to some crop than the kind being certified.
(2)     Rye - All rye fields used for the production of certified seed must be isolated by at least 220 yards from the fields of any other variety or varieties of rye or fields of the same variety that do not meet the varietal purity requirements for certification. Isolation between diploid and tetraploid rye shall be at least 15 feet.
c.       Specific.
Maximum Permitted in Each Class
          Factor                                       Foundation           Registered         Certified
          Other Varieties                            None                   1:5000              1:2000
         * Inseparable Other Crops           None                    None               10 plants per acre
          Inseparable Objectional Weeds   None                    None               None     
                                                           except                except             except
                                                            trace of             trace of            trace of
                                                            onion                onion               onion & trace cockle
          **Seed-borne Diseases.              1:20,000             1:10.000           1:200
                                                               (.005%)          (0.01%)           (0.5%)
*Inseparable other crops shall include crop plants, the seed of which cannot be thoroughly removed by the usual methods of cleaning. No rye in other small grains permitted.
**No tolerance for stinking smut in wheat.
4.     Seed standards.
             Factor                                                                Standards for Each Class
                                                      Foundation        Registered        Certified
               Pure Seed (minimum)
                Wheat, Barley                   99.0%              99.0%             99.0%
                 *Oats, Rye                      98.0%              98.0%             98.0%
                 Inert Matter (maximum)
                 Wheat, Barley, Triticale    1.0%                1.0%               1.0%
                 *Oats, Rye                     2.0%                2.0%               2.0%
                 Weed Seeds                   .01%                .02%                .05%
                 Weed Seeds                   1/16 per oz.      1/12 per oz.       1/8 per oz.
                  ***Other Crops             None                None                 .05%
                  Other Varieties              None                .01%                 .05%
                     Barley, Oats               90.0%              90.0%               90.0%
                     Wheat, Rye                85.0%              85.0%               85.0%
                      Nematodes                None                None                 None
*The purity standard for oats may be 98% provided not more than 1% of the impurities consist of impurities other than empty glumes.
**May include wild onion bulblets and wild mustard at the rate of not more than 1/16 per ounce for foundation; 1/12 per ounce for registered; 1/8 per ounce for certified. No corn cockle shall be included in this percentage.
***Registered small grain may contain .01% of the following other crop seed, red clover, lespedeza, orchardgrass, fescue, timothy and rye grass.
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