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SY Viper

SY Viper Wheat Variety Description
U. S. Protected Variety
Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed
SY-Viper is a medium to medium-tall height, semi-dwarf soft wheat variety bred and developed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc.  It is medium to medium-early in maturity with white chaff.  It has shown broad adaptation with very good yield performance and test weight across the major wheat growing areas of Southeast Missouri, Eastern Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Kentucky, the “Delta” region of Mississippi, North Louisiana, Eastern North Carolina, and Northeastern South Carolina.  It has shown moderate resistance to the current races of leaf rust in these areas.  SY Viper is intended for grain production.  Juvenile growth habit is  semi-erect.  Plant color at boot state is blue green.  Anther color is yellow.  Flag leaf at boot state is erect and twisted and wax is present.   Head shape is tapering and awnletted.  SY Viper may only be sold as a class of certified seed and all seed sales are royalty bearing.

County    Name, City                                          Telephone #    Class
Halifax    Hudson Farms Enterprises, Inc., Alton    434-579-4542   R
Halifax    Hudson Farms Enterprises, Inc., Alton    434-579-4542   C

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