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Virginia Quality Assurance Program
The following companies and seed enterprises have requested field inspection of their proprietary branded products under the VCIA Quality Assurance Program.  Participation in this program demonstrates these companies efforts to use effective quality management in seed production and conditioning.  This program provides an unbiased assessment and verification of key seed quality factors affecting seed performance.  For more information about the Quality Assurance Program contact the VCIA.  For further details about the products offered by these companies, contact them directly.                                        
Farmers Rest Farm, Inc.           Telephone: 804-241-5629
Charles City, VA
USG 5618V          USG 7472ETS
Featherstone Farm Seed            Telephone: 804-561-3754
Amelia, VA
USG 7451ET                  
Hill View Farms, Inc.              Telephone: 434-770-9311
Danville, VA
Momentum 53C01 Brand       S14-15138GT
USG 5618V                          USG 7542ET
Renwood Farms, Inc.                 Telephone: 804-829-2450
Charles City, VA
P5016RXS                   P6461RX         
USG 7461XTS             USG7472XFS         USG 7463XFS
USG 7483XFS           
R. W. White Farm, LLC            Telephone: 757-621-0141
Virginia Beach, VA
USG 5618V       USG 7472ETS      USG  7542ET
USG 7503XF
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