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Walton Peanut Variety Description
Walton peanut was jointly released early 2019 by Virginia Tech and the University of Florida.  It is a Virginia-type peanut cultivar with similar good agronomic performance when compared with Bailey, Emery, and Bailey II under “normal” production with superior performance than these cultivars under extreme water deficit conditions.  Seeds are elongated in shape and seed testa color is light pink to pink.  It has dark green foliage; an intermediate growth habit and the main stem is not distinguishable from the lateral branches.  Walton is a high-oleic cultivar  with maturity similar to Virginia-type cultivars developed for the Virginia-Carolina Region.  


County                       Name, City                                                Telephone #        Class
Suffolk                    Birdsong Peanuts, Suffolk                       757-539-3224      R   C
Isle of Wight            Indika Farms, Inc., Windsor                    757-242-6607      R   C
Southampton           Sandy Ridge Farms, Inc., Newsoms         757-654-6400      R   C
Sussex                    Wakefield Peanut Co., LLC Wakefield       757-589-5481      R   C
Westmoreland           VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt.  Holly   804-472-3500         F
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