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UA 5014C

UA 5014C Soybean Variety Description  
U. S. Plant Protected Patent
UA 5014C is a high-yielding early maturity conventional cultivar developed and released in 2014 by the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station.  It is adapted to southern states.  Before release, it was tested in 125 environments in Arkansas and other southern states from 2006 to 2014 for yield and other agronomic traits, where it had a yield potential comparable to conventional and Liberty Link cultivars of similar maturity.  Plants of US 5014C have determinate growth habit, purple flowers, tawny pubescence and tan pod walls.  Seeds have yellow cotyledons with a dull yellow coat, and black hila.  It is resistant to southern stem canker and moderately resistant to frogeye leaf spot and sudden death syndrome.  

County            Name, City                                 Telephone #      Class
Pittsylvania      Hill View Farms, Inc., Danville      434-770-9311     R   C

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