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Wynne Peanut Variety Description
U. S. Protected Variety
Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed
 Wynne was released by the North   Carolina State University in 2013.  This variety resembles Sullivan, which Wynne is related to through a Bailey sister line.  Wynne has partial resistance to early leaf spot, CBR, Sclerotinia blight, and TSWV and has the high-oleic characteristic.  The percentage of jumbo pods is 68 with 21 percent fancy pods.  Seed have a pink seed coat and average seed.  Just like Sullivan, Wynne has yield and maturity similar to Bailey, but significantly higher than Champs, NC-V11, Perry, and Phillips.

County                Name, City                                                       Telephone #     Class
Sussex              Wakefield Peanut Company, LLC, Wakefield          757-589-5481    R   C
Westmoreland   VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt.  Holly                  804-472-3500    F
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