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Nomini Barley Variety Description
Nomini is an early maturing, medium tall, six-row, awnletted, winter feed barley with compact spikes.  Head emergence is approximately five days earlier than Boone and two days earlier than Wysor. Plant height is similar to Boone and Wysor, and stand ability is equal to  or better than that of those cultivars. Nomini has good winter hardiness but is not as hardy as Wysor. Field resistance to mildew, scald, net blotch, spot blotch, and barley yellow dwarf is good and is similar to that of Wysor.  Nomini is moderately susceptible to the prevalent leaf rust races.
County               Name, City                                              Telephone #        Class
Amelia                Featherstone Farm Seed, Amelia               804-561-3754      R   C
Essex                 Hundley Seed Company, Inc., Champlain    804-443-8206      R   C
Pittsylvania         Hill View Farms, Inc., Danville                    434-770-9311      R   C
Westmoreland     VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly       804-472-3500      F
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