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Premier Bermudagrass (PremierPRO Brand) Variety Description
Plant Patent Protected
Premier is a unique variety of bermudagrass that was discovered under cultivated conditions in a golf course fairway near Seal  Beach, California.  It was identified in the field as having a darker green leaf color than its suspected parent, Tifgreen.  Premier was propagated by the inventors under field and greenhouse conditions in Parker, Texas by cutting of rhizomes and stolons, rooting them in soil, and planting of the rooted material to provide planting stock for studying performance. Asexually reproduced plants have remained stable and true to type through successive generations of propagation. It is a perennial bermudagrass that spreads by both stolons and rhizomes. Premier has not shown any susceptibility in tests to date to the diseases and insects common to the bermudagrass genus.  It will be limited only by winter survival in colder regions, and is undergoing further research to determine the most northern area of survival at this time.
County                        Name, City                                        Telephone #     Class
Campbell                     Bass Sod Farm, Gladys                       434-219-2277    C
Charles City                 Riverside Turf, Charles City                 804-829-2608     F R C
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