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Tara Soybean Variety Description
U. S. Protected Variety
Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed
Tara is an early maturity Group V soybean with white flowers and tawny pubescence.  Seeds are yellow with lustrous seed coats and black hila.  Seeds weigh 14.4 g per 100.  Seed protein percentage activity is high.  Plant habit indeterminate.  It is tolerant to purple stain, southern stem canker, bacterial pustule, and bacterial blight. It is   susceptible to races 3 and 14 of soybean cyst nematode.  Tara grows to a height of 1.8 meters under good growing conditions.

County                Name, City                                          Telephone #    Class
Westmoreland      VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly   804-472-3500   F

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