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Hirondella Barley Variety Description
U. S. Variety Protection Applied For
Hirondella is a winter type barley and  was developed by Ackermann Saatzucht in Germany.  The early plant growth habit is semi-prostate.  Flag leaf at boot is upright. It is a six-row, erect(not Dense), strap head with long awns.  It is three days later than Thoroughbred and three days earlier that Wintmalt.  It has resistance to Loose Smut, Stem Rust, Net Blotch, Leaf Rust, Spot Blotch, Powdery Mildew, BSMV, and BYDV.  Hirondella has been in the top yeilders in multiple state trials.
County                   Name, City                                             Telephone #      Class
Westmoreland       VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly  804-482-3400      F
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