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Vision 45

Vision 45 Wheat Variety Description
U. S. Protected Variety
Vision 45 is a widely adapted, full season, medium height, hard red winter wheat that has high yield potential.  It is  different from all known cultivars.  At the boot stage plants of Vision 45 are blue-green in color and have flag leaves that are erect, twisted, and waxy.  Stems are hollow, waxy, lack anthocyanin, and have four internodes, semi-erect peduncles, hairy auricles, and terminal rachis internodes.   Anthers are yellow in color.  Spikes are awned, inclined, mid-dense, strap to slightly tapering in shape, and creamy while in color at maturity.  Straw is yellow in color and lacks anthocyanin at physiological maturity.  The creamy white pubescent glumes are long in length and medium in width with narrow acuminate beaks and square shoulders of narrow width.  The hard red kernels are ovate in shape with rounded cheeks, mid-width and mid-deep creases, and large germ and long brush sizes.  The seed phenol reaction color is dark brown.  Average plant height varies from 34 to 37 inches. Vision 45 is resistant to Powdery Mildew and moderately resistant to leaf rust and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, Wheat Soil Borne Mosaic Virus, and glume blotch and Fusarium Head Blight.  It also is moderately susceptible to Stripe Rust.

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Charles City        Virginia Identity Preserved Grain, LLC     804-306-2360    R   C

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