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Flavia Barley Variety Description
U. S. Variety Protection Applied For
Flavia is a winter type barley and  was developed by Ackermann Saatzucht in Germany.  The common name of taxon is Wintergerste. The plant growth habit is intermediate to semi-prostate and the kernel color of aleurone layer is weakly colored.  Flag leaf is absent or very weak and is semi-erect. It has a medium to strong glaucosily of sheath.  Time of ear emergence is early to medium. Ears are medium and horizontal in altitude. Plant length is short. Ears are tapering to parallel in shape, medium length, lax to medium density. Awn length is long.  Median spikelet: length of glume and its awn is equal. Sterile spikelet development is full. Flavia is suited to maritime to moderate-continental climate.
County                   Name, City                                             Telephone #      Class
Amelia                  Featherstone Farm Seed, Amelia           804-561-3754     R   C
Pittsylvania           Hill View Farms, Inc., Danville               434-770-9311     R    C
Westmoreland       VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly  804-482-3400      F
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