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LCS Calypso

LCS Calypso Barley Variety Description
Limagrain Licensed Variety
LCS Calypso is a two-rowed winter malting barley release follow-up to LCS Violetta. Originally bred by Limagrain Europe, Calypso is currently being marketed internationally in Poland and Hungary.  It is expected to have additional winter hardiness over LCS Violetta, as it was bred to perform in continental, as well as maritime, climate zones in Europe.  In USA trials, LCS Calypso’s yield performance has been at or better than LCS Violetta. It has a high yield potential. Tillering is excellent.  Plant length is medium and standability is above average. It is resistant to Dwarf  Rust and Yellow Mosaic. It haas excellent grading with excellent maltiong qualities.    Certified seed of LCS Calypso will be sold with a single season use agreemtnt by licensed Limagrain Cereal Seeds dealers.
County              Name, City                                   Telephone #      Class
Pittsylvania        Hill View Farms, Inc., Danville      434-770-9311      C
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