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Croplan 8415

Croplan 8415 Brand (Variety 72014415) Wheat Description
U. S. Protected Variety
8415 Brand (Variety 72014415) is a medium maturity soft red winter wheat that combines high yield, strong test weights, good mildew and rust resistance and good standability with medium height. The 8415 Brand is resistant to Hessian fly biotypes B, C, D, O, and L in seedling growth chamber trials.  It has produced a history of strong performance across a wide geography in the Eastern and Southeastern  U.S.  It has a strong general disease tolerance package, but responds well to intensively managed production that includes insecticides to reduce barley yellow dwarf infection and fungicides to reduce fusarium head scab.  The 8415 is yellow green at booting with erect, twisted, waxy flag leaves.  Stems are hollow without hairs, waxy bloom and anthocyanin.  Anthers are yellow.  Apically awnletted spikes are tapering, inclined and mid-dense.  White glumes are short and wide with narrow, acute beaks and narrow, square shoulders.         
County             Name, City                                            Telephone #     Class
Retail Stores     Southern States Cooperative, Richmond    804-281-1440   C

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