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** VCIA Foundation Seed Farm Staff Application **

Spring 2018 Directory

Fall 2017 Directory

Spring 2017 Directory


The Virginia Crop Improvement Association (VCIA) is a nonprofit educational and service organization officially recognized as the seed  certifying agency in Virginia for maintaining varietal identity and mechanical purity of improved crops.  Certification is a system of records, inspections, and standards conducted with the cooperation and supervision of seed growers, seedsmen, the Extension and Research Division  of VA Tech, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Virginia Certified Seed Board.  VCIA is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA), an organization composed of agencies responsible for seed certification in the United States, Canada, and several other countries.           

Notice to Buyers

The crops listed in this book represent those approved at the field inspection level.  Final certification is not complete until after a representative and cleaned seed sample has passed a complete laboratory analysis.  All inquiries and purchases of certified seed should be made directly from the producers listed in this directory.  It is the producer's responsibility to supply seed representative of the seed submitted and approved for certification by the VCIA.  It is recommended that the buyer examine the seed and analysis tag before all seed is purchased. All  seed sold as certified seed must have an official certified tag attached or it is not certified seed.

The VCIA can assume no financial responsibility for seed listed in this directory or for disagreements over sales which may arise from this list.  However, any seed purchased or delivered not meeting certification  standards should be brought to the attention of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.

Variety descriptions contained in this Directory are based on research information available at the time of release.  For the most current updates on disease resistance, please refer to the Cooperative Extension Publications, the Virginia Tech Website (www.ext.vt.edu), or private company variety information.


Contact Information: 

Telephone: 804-746-4884 
FAX: 804-746-9447
Postal address
Foundation Seed Farm:


Shipping Address:
4200 Cople Highway
Montross, VA 22520


Foundation Seed Farm:
Telephone: 804-472-3500
FAX: 804-472-4649
Postal Address
Mt. Holly, VA 22524
email: pwb1986@vt.edu



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