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Due Dates for Applications:

Small Grains       April 1    Turf Grass           Mar 1 Soybeans Early   June 1 Peanuts              June 15 Soybeans Fall     Sept. 1                            


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Seed Specification For Grasses and Legumes with PLS(7/2007)  (.pdf)

VDOT Methods and Procedures 2014

VDOT Methods and Procedures September 2013 (RD-4)

Roadside Vegetation Management  Approved Species and Cultivars RD4 Additions, 2007 (.pdf)

Tag Order Form (.doc)                         Tag Order Form (.pdf)

Out of State Seed Sample Report (.pdf)

Procedure for Out of State Samples (.pdf)

RD-4 Methods and Procedure  (.pdf)                    RD-4 Methods and Procedure  (.doc)

Vendors who use the VCIA/VDOT Green Tag Mix Program

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