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Glenn Soybean Variety Description

U. S. Variety Protection Applied For

 Glenn is a high-yielding 5.5 conventional line soybean developed by Virginia Tech that does particularly well in double-crop plantings.  It has white flowers and tawny pubescence.  It has been extensively tested in yield trials throughout the region.  It is of medium height, a semi-bushy plant with great lodging resistance.  It has excellent shatter resistance and is resistant to Stem Canker, Soybean Mosaic Virus, and moderately resistant to Frogeye Leaf Spot and Sudden Death Syndrome. 


Greencastle Soybean Variety Description

Greencastle is an F4 derived line, selected at Beltsville, MD, by plant to row pedigree selection for tall, vigorous growth, lodging resistance, and forage quality and production.  It has been observed for eight generations of seed increase and has been observed to be genetically uniform and stable.  Greencastle is a tall growing maturity Group VI forage soybean with resistance to southern stem canker disease.  It has a tawny pubescence, indeterminate growth habit, and white flowers.  Seed is spherical with yellow seed coat color and a dull luster.  It has good lodging resistance.  It is susceptible to races 2 and 7 of the fungal pathogen inciting phytophthora root rot disease.  It is susceptible to races 2, 3, and 14 of the soybean cyst nematode.  It is resistant to southern stem canker disease.    


Hutcheson Soybean Variety Description

Hutcheson is a Group 5 variety developed by Virginia Tech and released in 1987.  It has white flowers, gray pubescence, and buff hila.  Hutcheson is resistant to soybean mosaic virus, peanut stunt virus, and stem canker.  Hutcheson has proven to be widely adapted throughout the Group 5 soybean belt.


Jake Soybean Variety Description 

Jake is a mid Group V determinate variety that averages 32" in height.  It has purple flowers, tawny pubescence, tan pods and black hila seed.  Jake has shown resistance to races 1, 2, 3, 5, 14 of soybean cyst nematode, is resistant to reniform nematode, and has shown moderate resistance to root knot nematode.  It is moderately resistant to sudden death syndrome and stem canker and is susceptible to phytophthora root rot.   


MFL-159 Soybean Variety Description

U. S. Protected Variety

Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed

 MFL-159 is a Group 5 variety, maturing about two days later than Hutcheson.  Plant height averages about 31 inches which is about half an inch shorter than Hutcheson.  MFL-159 has white flowers, gray pubescence, tan pods, yellow seed coats, and buff hila.  Leaflet shape is ovate.  Plants have the determinate growth habit.  It is resistant to soybean mosaic virus.  It is susceptible to soybean cyst nematode, so probably would not do well in infested fields.


MFS-541 Soybean Variety Description

 MFS-541 has purple flowers, gray pubescence, brown pods, yellow seed coats, and yellow hila.  Mean height is 32.4 inches.  It is a small seeded cultivar suitable for the manufacture of natto and is superior in yield and maturity to MS-591.  It is more stable for water absorption over environments, a trait valued by natto manufacturers.  It has acceptable quality characteristics and has stable performance for quality from year to year.  It is generally adapted to all areas in Virginia where soybeans are grown. Yields are less than standard cultivars, but premium prices are paid for natto soybeans.


MFS-591 Soybean Variety Description

U. S. Protected Variety

Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed

 MFS-591 is a small-seeded maturity Group 5 variety, maturing about one day later than Hutcheson.  It has purple flowers, gray pubescence, tan pods, yellow seed coats, and buff hilum.  Leaflet shape is ovate and plants have the determinate growth habit. Plant height averages about 27 inches, which is about two inches shorter than Hutcheson.



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