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1.       General standards.


The general standards as adopted in the front of this publication are basic and together with the following standards constitute the standards for soybeans.


2.       Land requirements.


The crop shall not be grown on land on which soybeans were grown the previous year, unless that crop was grown from certified seed of the same variety.


3.       Field standards.


a.      Field inspection.

At least one field inspection, preferably after the leaves have dropped, shall be made by an inspector of the certifying agency.

b.      Isolation.


Fields of soybeans shall be separated from any other variety or uncertified seed of the same variety by a distance of 20 feet or 10 border rows of the inspected crop shall not be harvested for seed.


c.      Specific.


Field Inspection

Factor                                                 Foundation                Registered                   Certified

Other Varieties                                      1:10,000                    1:1000                        1:400

                                                                (0.01%)                   (0.1%)                      (0.25%)

Corn and/or Sunflower

   Plants Bearing Seeds                            None                          None                     2 plants/acre

Total Objectionable                               *TMG                        *TMG                        *TMG



*Trace morning glory



4.Seed standards


Standard for Each Class

Factor                                                    Foundation                Registered                          Certified

Pure Seed (minimum)                               99.0%                       99.0%                                 98.5%

Inert Matter (maximum)                             1.0%                         1.0%                                   1.5%

*Weed Seeds (maximum)                          .01%                         .01%                                   .02%

Objectionable Weed

    Seed (maximum)                                   None                         None                                  None

Other Crops                                              None                         None                                  .01%

**Other Varieties                                     .01%                             .1%                                 .25%

Germination (minimum)                           80.0%                       80.0%                                80.0%

*Total weed seed shall not exceed ten per pound.


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