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Brooks Oat Variety Description

Brooks is a medium early variety released by the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service. It has medium height, excellent yield, and fair lodging resistance. It has good winter hardiness. Brooks has tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus and good resistance to soil borne Mosaic. It has poor resistance to Crown rust. This variety offers a new level of overall protein production; data indicates at least 25% advantage in pounds of protein per acre over most other varieties. Good smut resistance.


County Name, City Telephone #


Charles City Renwood Farms, Inc., Charles City 804-829-2450


Pittsylvania Hill View Farm, Danville 434-685-7921

R, C

Coker 716 Oat Variety Description

Coker 716 is a midseason oat variety of medium height released by Coker Pedigreed Seed Company and marketed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. It is high yielding, with good winter hardiness and medium test weight. It carries good resistance to soil borne Mosaic, but poor resistance to Crown rust. It is adapted to the Piedmont and Coastal Plains.



Name, City Telephone # Class


Brodnax Seed Company Brodnax 434-729-9555 C

Trical 815 Triticale Variety Description

U. S. Protected Variety

Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed

Trical 815 is an awned winter annual cereal forage that has higher protein for high nutrition forage quality for lactating cows. This variety, along with Trical 336 is also the earliest to boot stage in the spring. It has strong winter hardiness. It has good yield potential during seasons with a cool spring. It exhibits a very dense canopy of long leaves designed to be used in double crop systems that intend to maximize annual forage production. It has a very high leaf-to-stem ratio and at the mid and late boot stage exhibits a high nutritional value. Trical 815 has a semi-erect growth habit.


County Name, City Telephone # Class


Green Sprig Ag Services, Rocky Mount, VA 540-420-1639 C


SS 1414 Triticale Variety Description

U. S. Variety Protection Applied For

SS 1414 is a mid-tall variety of Triticale with yellow-green color.  It is an early maturing variety.  Spikes are 0.5% short-awned,  and plants are up to 0.5% tall.



Name Telephone #   Class

   Retail Stores

Southern States Cooperative, Richmond

804-281-1440 C




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