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Southern Harvest 3200 Wheat Variety Description

U. S. Variety Protection Applied For


Southern Harvest 3200 is a soft red winter wheat cultivar. It is broadly adapted, high yielding, mid-season heading, short height, and  semi-dwarf.  At maturity it has white colored spikes.  Its apically  awnletted spikes are erect and strap in shape.   Average mature plant height has varied from 33 to 36 inches.  Straw strength is good.  Grain yield in Virginia’s State Variety Trials in 2011 and 2012 were 79 and 91 bushels per acre.  It is uniquely different from all known cultivars among which it has been tested in common trials.  Flag leaves are erect, twisted, and waxy.  Spikes are erect at maturity and glumes are short and narrow with square and narrow shoulders and narrow beaks.  Seeds have a non-collared medium length brush and a deep crease.  It has gene Lr9 conferring resistance to Leaf Rust and the 1RS.1AL wheat-rye translocation that confers resistance to Stem Rust.  It is moderately resistant to Barley and Cereal Yellow Dwarf Viruses, but is moderately susceptible to Wheat Soil Borne Mosaic Virus.

Southern Harvest 3200 Wheat

U. S. Variety Protection Applied For


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Westmoreland                           VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly     804-472-3500                        F

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