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Plant Variety Protection Act

The following varieties have either been applied for protection or are protected under the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA).  The PVPA provides the owner of the variety the exclusive right to reproduce and market the variety. Y person who sells uncertified seed of the varieties covered by PVP, Title V, of the Federal Seed Act is breaking federal and state law.  "Unauthorized Propagation is Prohibited" for the following Varieties listed in this directory:
Barley Peanuts Soybeans


Doyce Hulless* Gregory Hutcheson Coker 9184
Nomini Perry NC Roy Coker 9295*
Price NC 12C MFL-159 Coker 9312*
Starling NC-V11 MFS-553 Coker 9436*
Thoroughbred* VA 98R MFS-591 Coker 9663
  Wilson Tyrone Coker 9803
    9492 Featherstone 520
    94B73 Jackson
      Renwood 3260
      SS 520   
      SS 550
      SS MPV 57*
      USG 3137*
      USG 3209
*  PVPA applied for     USG 3592*

Link to the USDA PVPA Database page for most current PVP Information

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