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Jamestown Wheat Variety Description

U. S. Protected Variety

Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed

Jamestown is a distinctly early heading, high yielding, short stature, awned, soft red winter wheat cultivar possessing resistance to the predominant insect and disease pests in the soft wheat region, and most notably resistance to Hessian fly, stripe rust, and fusarium head blight.  Jamestown has blue-green foliage and spike color.  Head emergence is one day earlier than SS 520, two days earlier than Sisson, and three days earlier than USG 3209.  Average plant height is 31 inches.  Straw strength is very good.  In Virginia, the three year average grain yield has been 77 bushels/ac.  Average test weight has been 59.2 lb./bu.  Jamestown is widely adapted and provides producers from the southern corn-belt to the deep-south and throughout the mid-Atlantic region with a distinctly early maturing, disease and pest resistant cultivar.




County Name, City  Telephone #  Class
Charles City Farmers Rest Farm, Inc., Charles City  804-241-5629  C
Charles City Renwood Farms, Inc., Charles City  804-829-2450  C
Essex Hundley Seed Company, Champlain  804-443-8206  C
Halifax Hudson, Hilton, Alton  434-753-6710  C
King & Queen Carlton, J & D Farms, Inc., Mattaponi  804-785-5197  C
Pittsylvania Hill View Farm, Danville  434-685-7921  C
Virginia Beach R. W. White Farm LLC, Virginia Beach  757-621-0141  C
Westmoreland VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly  804-472-3500  F



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