Sugg Peanut Variety Description

 U. S. Protected Variety

Can be sold only as a class of Certified seed

Sugg is a Virginia-type breeding line selected as part of a program to develop cultivars with multiple disease resistance.  It has alternate branch pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, medium green foliage, high contents of fancy pods, and Virginia-type pods.  It has seeds with pink testa and extra large kernel content.  It is partially resistant to resistant to the four most common diseases in the Virginia-Carolina peanut production area: early leafspot, Cylindrocladium black rot, Scierotinia blight, and tomato spotted wilt virus.





Name, City Telephone # Class
Sussex Wakefield Peanut Company, LLC, Wakefield 757-589-5481 R, C
Westmoreland VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly 804-472-3500 F